Final filtration to remove residual yeast

Cheddar Ales, an artisan small brewery owned and operated by Jem, began production in 2006 on the edge of the famous Cheddar gorge.
Jem contacted Fileder about upgrading his filtration set-up with the intention to improve the final product. The beer is chilled to 1°C in the large vats for up to 4 days and then it is passed through a fine DE filter and an array of particulate filters. Jem wanted to install a new set-up that would ultimately produce a finer finish to his product.
After meeting and speaking with Jem about his requirements, Fileder suggested utilising items from the SPECTRUM range of particulate filters, in a cascading array. The initial trial set-up incorporated 5, 1 and 0.5 micron nominal pleated filter cartridges finishing with a 0.45 micron absolute rated filter. This allowed us to test the specifics of his brew. After viewing the results from the test batch, it showed the 5 micron pre-filter failed to block the desired yeast particles, yet the finer filters did. We discussed changing the 5 micron for a 1 micron filter and then following with a 0.65 and 0.2 micron nominal filters with the 0.45 micron absolute filter.
Jem thanked us for our help and said that the introduction and improvement of the filtration process has “ensured that the finished products meet the expectation of the Cheddar Ales and their customers”. He said that “dealing with Fileder is easy and that the information and help provided over the years have been excellent”.


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