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Fileder Filters Offer Drinks Company a Clearer Solution

Fix8 is a female-founded kombucha brand, created to propel fermented soft drinks beyond the realm of health, and into the mainstream market as an everyday lifestyle product. Kombucha is a sparkling fermented tea drink with its origins in Asia dating back over 2,000 years, low in sugar and energising it naturally contains probiotics, polyphenols, B vitamins, organic enzymes and organic acids. Fix8 launched into Selfridges in September 2018, with award-winning branding, unique botanical flavour combinations and refreshing acidity. Fix8 has quickly established itself as the kombucha of choice in high-end bars, retail outlets, casual dining establishments and health clubs. It is available in both 330ml bottles and 330ml cans.

Chris Heaney, Head Brewer at Fix8, contacted us for help when he was crafting Kombucha. Chris found that he was finding too much sediment in the bottle, which looked unattractive in the packaging. Consequently, through contacting Fielder for a solution we provided the company with a range of filters so they could produce a clearer product. Fileder recommended a four-stage filter system. The first stage in this system was specifically designed to remove the larger particulate matter from the Kombucha using a nylon mesh bag filter. For the next stage we suggested that another bag filter which further reduces particulates in the Kombucha would be beneficial and cost effective prior to a third stage. With the bulk of the matter removed, higher efficiency pleated cartridges were used with stages 3 & 4, where we implemented the PPP cartridge filters by way of final processing to achieve the perfect balance between the need for an authentic premium product, trouble free packaging, shelf life and aesthetics.

Through these steps, the Kombucha could be bottled easily and successfully without visible sediment being left in the bottle.
Chris Heaney said…”In developing a new kombucha for the market, the quest for us has constantly been to balance the authenticity of raw, traditional fermentation with the need to deliver a practically viable product that also meets the consumer’s expectation for a premium beverage. Our work with Fileder helped us to trial and implement a filtration regime that allowed us to gain all the control over the fermentation process we required to achieve this and to produce a great tasting and aesthetically appealing product that still follows from an authentic production method.

Established for 40 years, Fileder Filter Systems is one of the largest independent process filtration and water treatment suppliers in the UK. A wide range of filtration and water treatment products are available to order for next day delivery, including carbon blocks, pleated and depth cartridges, housings and RO systems.

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Fileder has been hugely supportive and we are lucky to have a strong relationship with a company who understands our industry and is always readily available and willing to offer ongoing advice as our company grows

Chris Heaney, Brewer and Logisitcs Manager

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