Case Study – M.B.K Installations Ltd (M.B.K.I)

UV Disinfection to Inhibit Microbiological Growth

M.B.K. Installations Ltd has been established since 1998 and specialises in supply, installation and relocation of Research Aquatic systems. The company uses their vast experience and solution options to provide optimal support and living habitat to promote animal health.

The team at Fileder received an enquiry from M.B.K. Installations Ltd regarding UV Disinfection Systems, following a request for installation of a large aquatics system in a research laboratory environment. The project was focused on an existing recirculating research aquatic system to house aquatic species for the medical research industry. Some aquatic species have up to a 70% match with human Genes and therefore research of vaccines and medical treatments are carried out on various aquatic species embryos. During this research it is imperative that the water used for housing the aquatic life is kept to very stringent standards.

M.B.K. Installations Ltd were sourcing a wide variety of process filtration, water treatment equipment and consumables from different global suppliers and were requiring a single source to simplify this area of their business which is where Fileder could help support them. M.B.K. Installations Ltd were also using plastic UV systems which had proven to be unreliable, wore out in a relatively short time and required a better solution to this problem. These plastic UV units had already been installed at customers sites prior to M.B.K. Installations Ltd, being involved.

Following a meeting with M.B.K. Installations Ltd, interest was shown in our Stainless Steel UV disinfection systems required to inhibit microbiological growth. The team at Fileder recommended SPECTRUM Sabre UV Disinfection System. Ultraviolet (UV) light is effective against contaminants, growth and reproduction of bacteria, viruses, mould spores, algae and other microorganisms. The SPECTRUM Sabre UV Disinfection System (SUV-S-250-2) has been designed to offer high dosage of UV light that destroys the DNA of microorganisms in water. This particular system is ideal for large commercial applications. Two of these systems where ordered by M.B.K. Installations Ltd, delivered and installed on site within a week.

Mbk Installations Ltd Fileder

Martin Kennedy (MD of M.B.K Installations Ltd) stated “As in any business we endeavour to supply the correct equipment at the right price to our customers, however at the same time ensuring the environment is at its best for the aquatics species within our customers systems”.

M.B.K. Installations Ltd researched the market for alternative UV Disinfection systems from a variety of sources. The difference with Fileder was they responded within 1 hour of our initial enquiry with multiple solutions to our problem. Since then, M.B.K. Installations Ltd have decided to stop stocking and installing any plastic UV housings for new or existing systems and will recommend and install Fileder SPECTRUM Sabre UV Disinfection Systems.

Established for over 35 years, Fileder Filter Systems is one of the largest independent process filtration and water treatment supplier in the UK. A wide range of filtration and water treatment products are available to order for next day delivery, including carbon blocks, pleated and depth cartridges, housings and RO systems.

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Working with our designated Fileder Technical Account Manager together we managed to resolve what was a very challenging situation with minimal disruption. From initial enquiry to delivery to M.B.K. Installations Ltd the completion of the installation took less than 1 week

Martin Kennedy, Managing Director

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