Case Study – Milestone Brewery

Final Stage Filtration for Bottling Line

Milestone Brewery, based near Newark, is a craft brewery producing fine flavoursome ales, which has won many prestigious awards over the years.

Milestone Brewery was looking to improve the efficiency of their final stage of filtration on the bottling line. The key requirement was to ensure that sediment, particulate, and more critically, beer spoilage organisms were completely removed from the beers. The solution needed to offer longevity of cartridge life coupled with absolute spoilage organism removal at the final stage.

Fileder visited the site to see the set up and specified the SPECTRUM PPP at 1 micron for cost effective pre-filtration and the SPECTRUM PPPES 0.45 micron membrane cartridge for the complete removal of beer spoilage organisms, ensuring no contaminants were present in the bottled beer, which would reduce shelf life or effect the high quality of Milestone’s products. The longevity and cleanliness of the filters and housings is maintained with a rigorous caustic and peracetic acid cleaning regime.

Established for over 35 years, Fileder Filter Systems is one of the largest independent process filtration and water treatment supplier in the UK. A wide range of filtration and water treatment products are available to order for next day delivery, including carbon blocks, pleated and depth cartridges, housings and RO systems.

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We work closely with Fileder to guarantee that our products meet the highest standards that we demand and to ensure the smooth running of the bottling line and associated filtration systems, leading to the perfect pint. Fileder has demonstrated a strong working knowledge of our applications and critical requirements and back this up with their pricing structure and stock availability.

Milestone Brewery

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