Case Study – NBI Partnership Ltd

Scientific Food Plant Research

NBI Partnership Ltd (NBIP) is owned by the Norwich Bioscience institutes; the John Innes Centre, The Earlham Institute, The Sainsbury Laboratory and Quadram Institute Bioscience (previously known as the Institute of Food Research). The Partnership provides non-scientific services to each of the owner institutions, supporting their internationally renowned scientific research.

The facility located just outside the historic city of Norwich carries out  research in a wide range of disciplines including biological and chemical sciences, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry, genetics, molecular biology, computational and mathematical biology.

A water plant providing high quality water for use within the research laboratories suffered a breakdown on one of the ultraviolet systems offering protection from contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mould spores, algae and other microorganisms – preventing their growth and reproduction. The original system was set to run in a duplex arrangement. Two UV systems working side-by-side to maintain treatment-dosing levels.

Fileder visited the site and recommended a new UV system in replacement of the broken competitor unit. The SPECTRUM Sabre SUV-S-132-2 unit offered provides high flow treatment rates of 132 LPM at a dosage rate of 30 mJ/cm². The high capacity of the system and availability of the systems’ consumables has meant that there is additional capacity available. The UV protection is now provided solely from the high specification SPECTRUM Sabre unit.

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I am really impressed with the product. Fileder offer a great service and are always available for technical assistance should it be required

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