Case Study – Neal’s Yard Remedies

Cosmetic Ingredient Particulate Protection

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a British manufacturer and retailer of organic natural beauty and health. Founded in 1981 in Covent Garden, London, as of 2017 they have 59 stores across the UK.

David Bishop, Head of Production, met with Fileder to discuss the supply of particulate filtration for the ingredients passing through their production area. This meeting was to discuss potential cost savings by using Fileder’s SPECTRUM branded range. Although product cost was a consideration, final product quality was paramount.

Fileder supplied product based on the requirement detailed by David which included a sub-micron filter to act as a final guard before being used.

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Having used Fileder and Spectrum products before I was confident to install them here knowing that the efficiency and quality will meet the stringent requirements here

David Bishop, Head of Production

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