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Drinking Water Filtration

Wananchi is a UK based manufacturer of tough, easy to use mobile water purification systems called Séon. Séon water purifiers are designed to be used in the harshest of environments but able to produce good tasting, safe, drinking water from almost any source. They have been designed for use by militaries, emergency responders and for those travelling and working in remote locations.

A critical process within all of the Wananchi water purification systems is cartridge filtration. Cartridge filters are small, lightweight and can be swapped out very easily once they are used up, ideal for a mobile system. Séon water purifiers use a variety of different cartridges to tackle different contaminants and turbidity reduction.

Filter life is critical for a mobile water purification system, the higher the dirt loading capacity of the cartridge, the more water can be processed thus the less spare cartridges need to be carried and less downtime and fiddling around out in the field swapping out.

Malcolm Padwick, Director of Wananchi requested technical representatives from Fileder to visit Wananchi to properly understand what they were trying to achieve. Fileder developed a specification using a combination of Spectrum membrane cartridges and Pentair small pore carbon block cartridges. The result is a 50% increase in dirt loading capacity. This is a staggering increase and massively reduces the spares logistics for their client’s operational team working in remote environments which passes on a reduced logistical cost and risk, the latter particularly import in a war theatre. For their smaller system, this reduces the cost per litre of drinking water in half down to approximately £0.02 per litre.

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We would also like to highlight the extremely professional and friendly service and technical support Fileder have offered Wananchi, this is second to none and commendabl

Malcolm Padwick, Director

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