Soft Drinks

A wide range of soft drinks are produced, including flavoured waters, carbonated drinks and natural fruit juices.  Filtration is used in the manufacture of these drinks to ensure high product quality in appearance, flavour, customer safety and shelf life.

Rough filtration methods are used with natural fruit juices and syrups to remove fibrous organics, sediment or gelatinous particles.  This Rough filtration economically protects any “Sterile” filtration stages from premature blocking.  Sterile filtration using absolute rated certified cartridge filters make product water and final products free from sediment, parasites, bacteria and improve the appearance.  The air in storage tanks and gases such as CO2 used for carbonation, must be free from particles and bacteria also, this requires hydrophobic cartridges that are resistant to sealing from splashes.Solutions to the issues of site protection from parasites, unwanted tastes and effects on active ingredients from chemicals in the water, high particle levels in natural product ingredients, hazing and visual purity of the final product, are all offered with Fileder’s filtration recommendations.

The Challenges

  • Ensuring site is protected from cryptosporidium contamination
  • High particle levels in natural product ingredients such as fruit juices
  • Hazing and visual purity of final product
  • Protection from Chlorine taste affecting product and reacting with other ingredients
  • Removal of spoilage organisms from ingredients and final product for biological stability in the bottle/can affecting shelf life
  • Production of consistent final product at high throughput rates with minimal downtime and maintenance
  • Product safety to consumers & QA of filtration products
  • Compliance with regulations governing beverage production
  • Low maintenance and simple maintenance requirements
  • Protection of the brand through taste consistency and consumer safety
  • Environmental considerations, wastage levels, energy use, water use

Soft Drinks

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