Rough filtration is the removal of bulk solids such as grist and bulk yeasts. Process filtration often uses bags for this purpose as bags allow a high flow rate, remove a large volume of solids and are quick and easy to changeout, making them economic to use. Bags are available with options of nylon mesh, polypropylene and polyester with traditional single-layer, extended life double-layer and high-efficiency multi-layer with Microfibres incorporated for fine sediment removal. Bag filtration is commonly used to remove bulk solids, e.g. grist and bulk yeasts.

Stages of Filtration & Water Treatment

Feed liquid

Typically, rough filtration is used after the Mashing process once the 'wort' is produced.

Feed liquid - Fileder Filter Systems

Bulk solids removal

Grist and bulk yeast removal is required at this stage to prevent equipment blockages occurring in subsequent stages of processing.

Bulk solids removal - Fileder Filter Systems

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