Pre-commissioning of closed loop water circuits occurs after installation and before use, to clean pipework, removing debris that can abrade surfaces and encourage biofilm growth.

Biocides and water are often pumped around the circuit with any debris being collected by Depth or Surface cartridges. For ongoing cleanliness, side-stream filtration units are installed whereby a proportion of the water passes through Depth or Surface cartridges continuously removing contaminants from the whole loop.

Stages of Filtration & Water Treatment

Particle Removal

Prevents debris, scale flakes, dirt and particle build up in pipework, tanks, equipment and where present, premature blinding of filtration stages further along the cascade.

Particle Removal - Fileder Filter Systems

Efficient Particle Removal

Controlling quality levels by removing the majority of contaminants at a specified micron size.

Efficient Particle Removal - Fileder Filter Systems

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