Stainless steel cartridges are used to remove bulk and visible particulate. High efficiency polypropylene pleated or polyethersulfone absolute rated pleated cartridges are then used as final polishing filters.

At the bottling halls, the product may be filtered once again to ensure particulate remains before packaging.

Stages of Filtration & Water Treatment

Particle Removal

Prevents debris, scale flakes, dirt and particle build up in pipework, tanks, equipment and where present, premature blinding of filtration stages further along the cascade.

Particle Removal - Fileder Filter Systems

Fine Particle Removal

Controlling quality levels by removing the majority of contaminants at a specified micron size.

Fine Particle Removal - Fileder Filter Systems

Absolute Particle Removal

The absolute removal of particles above a specified micron size.

Absolute Particle Removal - Fileder Filter Systems
Perfume - Fileder Filter Systems

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