Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are used to produce pure water which provides a stable base before other liquids, scents, ingredients and colours are added.

Polypropylene or Polyethersulfone absolute rated pleated cartridges are typically used in the final stages of bottling for cosmetics and toiletries.

Face powders are compressed in large units and vent filtration is used on the tops of the filling tanks.

Stages of Filtration & Water Treatment

RO Water Production

Very pure water is produced using reverse osmosis membranes to separate the majority of salts and ions from the feed water and sending the salts and ions to waste or re-circulation.

RO Water Production - Fileder Filter Systems

Particle Removal

Prevents debris, scale flakes, dirt and particle build up in pipework, tanks, equipment and where present, premature blinding of filtration stages further along the cascade.

Particle Removal - Fileder Filter Systems

Bacteria Removal

Reducing the levels of bacteria to log 7

Bacteria Removal - Fileder Filter Systems

Airborne Bacteria Removal

Removal of airborne bacteria to prevent contamination of stored liquid.

Airborne Bacteria Removal - Fileder Filter Systems
Pure Water Production - Fileder Filter Systems

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