Product Overview

The narrow diameter SCB-S with its secure 222 double O-ring connection has been designed for multi-round housings and specific use in beverage and drinking water applications where a more positive positive seal is required. Constructed from the same carbon formulation as the SCB, this microporous coconut carbon targets VOCs and THMs. Acid washed during the production process and low fine content gives excellent rinse-up times as well as regulating pH and taste. Designed to seal securely into the Standard (SFH) and Premier (PFH) Inox multi-round housings, available in 3 to 36 round configurations.

SPECTRUM 870 Carbon Block SCB-S - Fileder Filter Systems

Key Product Features

  • Simple installation with a 222 double O-ring connection for greater security
  • Highly porous, lightweight, clean and tight microporous structure effective at reducing chlorine, taste and odour contaminants
  • Pre-washed, reducing carbon fines
  • At a minimum 75% chlorine efficiency, the SCB-S is designed for effective chlorine reduction in high flow applications