SPECTRUM Aqua RO50 System


The AquaRO50 is an essential, complete reverse osmosis system to protect and purify water for use in aquariums. Designed to produce a continuous supply of high quality water. The AQUARO is the perfect system for tank top-up applications. Eliminates chlorine and organics: Excessive amounts of chlorine can be toxic to fish. Each system includes a granular activated carbon inline filter which removes both chlorine and organics. Removes heavy metals: A Thin-Film RO membrane is included with each system that rejects up to 97.5% of dissolved salts – which includes heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc and mercury which can be detrimental to aquatic life. Significantly reduces nitrates: Nitrates can prevent growth and reproduction in fish and high levels can be fatal. Removes suspended solids: Particulate in water can clog the gills of fish and if consumed cause illness.  

Key Product Features

  • Up to 200 litres per day of on-demand purified water, ideal for use in aquariums
  • Works on mains pressure (2.8 bar+) requiring no pump or electricity
  • The AquaRO50 system takes up very little space and can be easily mounted horizontally or vertically for convenience
  • Quick and simple cartridge changeout with 1/4" push-fit connections

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