1812 Membranes

Thin-film membranes produce RO water at low pressure and withstand high levels of salts (TDS) to make them the best choice for a variety of lower production rate applications where pure RO water is required. Salt rejection rates of 98% are achieved using very high specification semi-permeable membrane sheets.

Built to exacting standards, each membrane is 100% integrity tested, preserved and packaged to prevent microbiological growth and extend the product shelf life. Ranges of 1812 membranes are available and flow restrictors are available for all of the 1812 housing options to optimise production rates and minimise waste, as shown in the gallery, right.

Key Product Features

  • 100% integrity tested - before leaving the factory all membrane elements undergo a decay test to show if there are any defects in the membrane
  • Prolonged shelf life - membrane elements are shipped dry to prolong shelf life and aid handling
  • State-of-the-art manufacture - the highly developed membrane technology and manufacturing processes employed in construction ensures it consistently delivers high quality results over the course of its life