Product Overview

The primary choice across the whole range of cartridges for effective filtration in very high temperature applications, the glass fibre media with a stainless steel core suits applications up to 400°C.

Media migration is significantly reduced by the internal voile layer which controls fibre release downstream from the cartridge. The SWF has excellent compatibility when filtering strong oxidising agents, as well as acids and is often used to filter oils when heated to reduce viscosity.

High temperature, stainless steel core

Glass Fibre – the primary advantage of glass-fi­bre is its ability to withstand high temperatures. Up to 400°C can be achieved with its stainless-steel core, often making it the sole choice for high temperature applications. Similarly, when filtering oxidizing agents, glass ­fibre is the only economic cartridge with excellent chemical compatibility.

Key Product Features

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 400°C
  • Internal voile reduces media migration
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Stainless steel core for added strength at high temperatures