Case Study – Goddards Brewery

Bottle Wash Filtration for Brewery Bottling Line

Goddards Brewery is the oldest brewery on the Isle of Wight and one of the first independent craft beer producers in the UK. Goddards has been brewing fine real ales in the beautiful surroundings of Barnsley Farm since 1993.

Marc Southam, Production Engineer, sought Fileder’s help to commission Goddards new GAI bottling line which requires chlorine free, bacteria-free water to prewash the bottles.

Fileder recommended utilising carbon technology cartridge SPECTRUM SCB-5-93/4 with high porous, clean and tight microporous structure effective at reducing chlorine, taste and odour contaminants.

To ensure the bottled beer reaches the consumer without spoilage organisms, Fileder recommended the absolute rated SPECTRUM PPPES-0.2-10CGS filter cartridge as a safeguard to remove any potential spoilage organisms. This filter cartridge is used in conjunction with a high efficiency SPECTRUM PPP-1-10CGS pre-filter for maximum operational lifetime.

Performance of each stage of the cascade system is important and the SPECTRUM PPPES-0.2-10CGS is critical to ensure the bottled beer reaches the consumer without spoilage organisms which could affect the colour, flavour, appearance and shelf life of the final beer product.

Following the presented solutions Goddards Brewery Ltd chose Fileder as their supplier for on-going and continual supply.

Established for over 40 years, Fileder Filter Systems is one of the largest independent process filtration and water treatment suppliers in the UK. A wide range of filtration and water treatment products are available to order for next day delivery, including carbon blocks, pleated and depth cartridges, housings and RO systems.

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The filtration provided by Fileder allows us to bottle 6000 bottles of Ale a day with the confidence that it will reach the consumer in top condition

Marc Southam, Production Engineer,

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