Case Study – Lithium Chemicals

Lithium process filtration

Fileder’s customer makes Lithium based chemicals and develops new ones, working with global customers to find the best solutions for their applications. As a founding member of the global ISO Lithium Standards Committee, they are working to address future needs of the battery industry by helping to set specification standards at each stage of the supply chain.

Laboratory and analytical teams operate at the forefront of techniques for the accurate analysis of Lithium chemistry which, when combined with their manufacturing sites operating at the highest level of environmental controls and regulatory requirements, mean they are a true global Lithium production leader.


Working with Lithium derivatives means there is a wide scope for the applications where these products are applied. The global Battery market (Lithium Hydroxide and Lithium Carbonate); Absorption Chillers (Lithium Bromide); Construction (Lithium Carbonate and Sulphate); Glass/ceramics (Lithium Carbonate); Laboratories (High purity Lithium); Lubricants (Lithium Hydroxide powder).

Fileder supply filtration consumables for use before the final packaging of these products. Filtration is specified to remove any unwanted contaminants and to reduce haze, keeping product quality to high standards. Depending on the chemical type being produced and the standards required for the application it is being manufactured for, options of mobile filtration units are applied. From rough filtration using 1um bag filters (PENTAIR BP420-1) in a plastic housing, through depth filters removing a broad range of particle sizes (SPECTRUM SSP-1-20 in 7-round stainless steel housings SPECTRUM SFH-SPC-7-20), down to very high efficiency pleated cartridges for exact classification of targeted contaminants (SPECTRUM PPP-0.2-20 described by the customer as the “Super Candles”).

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