Case Study – Redhill Farm Estate Vineyard

Yeast Reduction in Wine

Redhill Farm Estate Vineyard is located in the village of Wateringbury, in the garden of England. Producing fine English Red and Rosé wines. The vineyard covers 20 acres with 7 types of vines in a variety of soil, grafted on specific rootstocks to support the ‘terroir’ of each soil and microclimate. The vineyard is known both for its sustainable practices and exceptional quality wines. The wines produced often feature at seasonal festivals and events receiving acclaim for the exceptional taste and quality they offer.

The ethos of the company is to “control the process and encourage the natural phenolics of the grape to be expressed as a whole, intervening as little as possible in order not to change the nature of the wines, making them more open, expressive and unique. The grapes are harvested when perfect with the winery minutes from the vineyards so the grapes are quick pressed to ensure freshness and quality.” Producing approximately 15,000 litres of wine a year and this year they are expecting a bumper crop.

Redhill Farm Estate vineyard process their wines through the SPECTRUM PPPES Premier Pleat Polyethersulfone absolute rated filter. Constructed utilising 3 layers of media for particulate capture and extended service life. The PPPES is used to filter wine, reducing the presence of yeast at the point of bottling. Yeast is a real concern for wine producers as its presence can lead to the wine spoiling.

The media used within the PPPES cartridge is lot controlled and integrity tested to provide quality and consistent results. Cleanliness is assured from the vacuum-packed inner wrap, which is then further protected by the tough outer heat-sealed packaging. Each cartridge is also individually labelled and boxed for traceability.

Every bottle of wine produced in the winery passes through the SPECTRUM PPPES before ageing in racking and eventually being released for sale. With a consistency of quality being key to the success of the product, filtration plays an integral part of the in the processing of quality wines.

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