Product Overview

Bacteria retention rates in excess of log 7 establish the SPECTRUM PPPES range of cartridges as the choice for final guard filtration in a host of pure water applications.

Manufactured from FDA compliant materials and meeting the stringent testing of BS6920 has enabled this cartridge to obtain WRAS certification. The cartridge can be sterilised separately or by using Clean-In-Place (CIP) processes. The application of a layer of graded density PES membrane to the substrate enables the absolute rated media to perform removal rates of bacteria such as Brevundimonas diminuta to 99.99999% (Log 7) assuring purity in the filtrate.

The media is lot controlled and integrity tested (bubble point tested at 4.3 bar for 0.2 micron) which assures the user of high quality, repeatable results that suit the varied quality procedures applied. Two additional support layers mean the hydrophilic media is protected from larger particulate and with a very large surface area of 0.6m2 per 10″ cartridge allows for long service life with good flow rates and pressure drops.

The inert polypropylene cage, core and end-caps prevent damage to the media whilst handling and it prevents wearing of the media during service. This means the pleat pack stays strong and effective.

Cleanliness is assured from the vacuum packed inner plastic wrap, which is then further protected by tough outer heat sealed plastic packaging. Each cartridge is individually labelled and boxed which prevents confusion during installation of multiple cartridges.

Key Product Features

  • 100% integrity tested and manufactured in a clean room environment to protect against unwanted contaminants
  • 3 layers of media for higher particulate retention and longer service life
  • Quality Assurance Certificate supplied with every cartridge
  • Lot coded on the polypropylene cage for tracking and tracing
  • Each cartridge has double layered packaging. The inner plastic wrap is vacuum sealed and a tough outer layer provides further protection and cleanliness
  • Individually labelled and boxed for security and ease of product identification
  • Absolute bacteria removal cartridge to Log7 reduction
  • WRAS approved and FDA compliant