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Chemical Filtration

A leader in environmental services since 1984. Tradebe Solvent Recycling Ltd was founded with the vision of helping industrial and chemical companies manage the increasing complexity of their waste to protect people and the environment. They provide flexible, innovative, and technologically driven solutions for the processing and recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous waste – Including fuels, inks, paints, and chemical contaminated waste. Their experienced team, combined with their advanced technologies, give them the ability to provide innovative treatment and recycling solutions.

Tradebe manage all kinds of environmental liabilities in a sustainable manner by creating new raw materials and energy; dedicated to meeting their customers’ environmental goals.

With the rising costs of chemicals and their disposal, the need to “recycle” has become increasingly cost effective as a solution. So rather than companies simply disposing of chemicals that have become too dirty to use and having to buy new ones, Tradebe wanted to offer companies a means of “recycling” chemicals instead. A process which effectively involves filtering out particulate contaminant from used chemicals, before returning them to companies to reuse. But, to do this, they needed good quality filtration systems – so they contacted Fileder for help and support.

Fileder visited Tradebe, completed a full site survey and recommended SPECTRUM Polypropylene Wound (SWP-10-30) and Spun-bonded (PSP-50-20) filters housed in SPECTRUM INOX stainless steel 316L housings (SFH-SPC-7-20-2). These filters provide options for both heated and ambient filtration, reducing particulate that causes chemical spoilage and affects its appearance, thus improving its aesthetics for the end user. SPECTRUM INOX housings were chosen because of their wide compatibility with various pressures, temperatures, environments, and chemical types.

Following the success of this solution, Tradebe contacted Fileder again with an issue of processing chemicals with high viscosity as well as applications for coarse filtration. On this occasion, Fileder specified Nylon Bag filters (EBPN-1000-2) housed in SPECTRUM INOX Bag housings (PBH-SPC-1-2-2) as they cover high viscosity fluids and bulk solids removal. The systems Fileder provided covered Tradebe’s requirements for chemical cleaning and recycling. Tradebe have been so happy with the solutions provided that they have been continuously using Fileder for their filtration supply for over 10 years.

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Having worked with Fileder for many years, we have encountered a variety of applications and have found the team to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  This coupled with excellent stock holding ensures we can call upon Fileder at a moment’s notice to provide the best service in a timely manner

Steve Barnes, Process Technical Manager

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