Incoming mains or borehole water would typically be filtered via an RO system for brewing liquor production and boiler feed for large commercial sites.

Often incoming water for large breweries comes from ground or surface water sources meaning there are often unwanted elements that RO is used to remove.

RO is preceded by carbon cartridges to remove chlorine and other chemicals, which could affect the RO membranes and the taste of the beer.

Stages of Filtration & Water Treatment

Feed Water

Varying sources of water and mains pipes results in different contaminants being contained that are affected by seasonal changes, pipework types and roadworks.

Reverse Osmosis system

Very pure water is produced using reverse osmosis membranes to separate the majority of salts and ions from the feed water and sending the salts and ions to waste or re-circulation.

Reverse Osmosis system - Fileder Filter Systems

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