Hydranautics 4″ Membranes


Established as the industry standard size for small commercial applications, the 4040 range from Hydranautics offers a variety of technologies such as high rejection, low operating pressure and low fouling properties. Each of these characteristics is engineered to suit the requirements of different markets.

Since its initial development in the 1950’s reverse osmosis has become the recognised solution to produce purified water.  Now used globally, membranes are being installed into an abundance of markets such as aquatics, food and beverage, hydroponics and semiconductors.


The CPA7 is a sixth generation membrane delivering ultra-high purity water even under challenging feedwater conditions. The CPA7-LD specifically is the perfect choice delivering the best combination of high rejection and high flow capability with the added benefit of LD TechnologyTM to minimise fouling.


ESPA2 membranes provide optimum salt rejection and permeate flows at a lower operating pressure than the CPA range. They are chosen when lower permeate TDS and lower feed pressures are required.


ESPA4 are the lowest feed pressure membranes in the range offering low energy consumption. This ultra-low operating pressure still delivers uncompromising high levels of salt rejection.


CPA2 is a tried and tested product delivering the traditional balance between high permeate flow and high rejection at regular operating pressures of 15.5 bar.


LFC3 membranes combine the attributes of a neutral surface charge and hydrophilicity, providing significant reduction in fouling and increased membrane efficiency.


Key Product Features

  • 100% integrity tested - All Hydranautics membrane elements undergo a full test before leaving there factory
  • All Hydranautics membranes membrane elements are wet shipped with preservative to provide quick start whilst prolonging shelf life
  • State-of-the-art manufacture - The highly developed membrane technology and manufacturing process, ensures all Hydranautics membranes deliver high quality results
  • Capable of producing up to 9000 litres of water a day
  • A variety of high rejection, low fouling and low operating pressure capabilities make these membranes highly efficient
  • 99% average rejection rate at 7 bar

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