Hydranautics 8″ Membranes


Used to treat water from virtually any water source, 8″ membranes are used in purification and desalination systems as a reliable solution to high production and stringent water quality requirements. Benefiting from decades of research and development, Hydranautics membranes continue to lead the market.

8″ Membrane elements continuously meet and satisfy the increasing demands of the water treatment industry through exceptional product quality, outstanding performance and with some of the highest salt rejection rates in the industry.


CPA7-LD is the latest generation product in the range delivering high permeate flows coupled with the highest salt rejection in the industry.


The CPA7 MAX uses 440ft2 of CPA7 membrane to produce an element which provides exceptional permeate flow rates and ion rejection.


ESPA4 are the lowest feed pressure membranes in the range offering low energy consumption. This ultra-low operating pressure still delivers uncompromising high levels of salt rejection.


Maximising surface area in this high energy saving element, the ESPA4 MAX has one of the highest permeate production in the industry and is ideally suited where volume of product water is a priority.


ESPA2 membranes provide optimum salt rejection and permeate flows at a lower operating pressure than the CPA range. They are chosen when lower permeate TDS and lower feed pressures are required.


The first of its kind to combine LD technology in a 440ftmembrane, the ESPA2-LD MAX offers low feed pressure, low fouling and exceptional permeate production.


The original low energy element, the ESPA1 has high permeability which means it can produce large volumes of high quality water from low TDS feed waters.


LFC3 membranes combine the attributes of a neutral surface charge and hydrophilicity, this provides significant reduction in fouling and increases the membrane’s efficiency.


Key Product Features

  • 100% integrity tested - All Hydranautics membrane elements undergo a full test before leaving there factory
  • All Hydranautics membranes membrane elements are wet shipped with preservative to provide quick start whilst prolonging shelf life
  • State-of-the-art manufacture - The highly developed membrane technology and manufacturing process, ensures all Hydranautics membranes deliver high quality results
  • Capable of producing up to 50500 litres of water a day
  • A variety of high rejection, low fouling and low operating pressure capabilities make these membranes highly efficient
  • 99% average rejection rate at 7 bar

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