Product Overview

Part of the SPECTRUM Premier Pleat range, the RinseCap has been specifically designed as an aftermarket retrofit capsule for a range of endoscopy filtration washers.

Created using the latest technologies, to the highest standards and under stringent manufacturing conditions, the SPECTRUM RinseCap delivers outstanding performance and reliability, essential in a medical environment.

This absolute rated capsule is manufactured from polypropylene and the latest WRAS approved polyethersulfone (PES) media for the membrane. Intrinsically hydrophilic by nature, the PES membrane media, along with its thermal welding capsule construction ensures no downstream contamination.

Specifically designed for critical filtration in endoscopy washers, the SPECTRUM RinseCap has been manufactured to exacting standards in a clean room environment under ISO quality systems. Playing a pivotal role in the cleaning of endoscopes, the SPECTRUM RinseCap delivers essential pure water for the rinsing of chemical disinfectants from endoscopy equipment.

Key Product Features

  • 99.999999% (Log 8) bacteria retention (Brevundimonas diminuta)
  • Single product solution for multiple endoscopy machines
  • Embossed with full product information to ensure complete traceability
  • Capable of being steam sterilised or hot water disinfected
  • High surface area - approximately 15% higher than alternative capsules
  • Triple layer protection - the PES membrane is sandwiched between pre and post layers of polypropylene supporting and extending the life of the capsule