Product Overview

Supplied as complete kit, including the recommended sediment pre-filtration cartridge, the EWS is a game changer for hard water treatment.  The Crystalite media uses Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) technology which attracts the hardness forming ions, including calcium and magnesium, converting them to non-scaling crystals. The crystals are released back in to the water but now the risk of scale formation has been significantly reduced.  The benefit of this form of conditioning is that the hardness forming ions are beneficial to human health and by keeping them in the water remains potable.  As well as offering the benefit of conditioning the Crystalite media will also treat copper, lead, mercury, zinc and cadmium levels.

The system has been designed for ease of use and maintenance and it does not require regeneration, as traditional softeners do.  The Crystalite media cartridge has a life expectancy of between 12 and 36 months, depending on the quality of feedwater.

Key Product Features

  • Recognisable design, ready to install
  • System supplied complete with pre-filtration
  • Environmentally friendly, as no regeneration required
  • Service life between 12 and 36 months
  • Simple installation and maintenance