Product Overview

Stylish, compact, ready to install units with an integral flow meter that saves money on salt and water. Ideal for light commercial use as well as excelling in residential installations, the SWS Cabinet water softener system boasts excellent features, such as reduced footprint due to the contemporary design, at a competitive price. The systems also utilise a new easy to use touchscreen control system. With simple instructions and directions, the control of these systems is accessible and understandable to everyone.

A new upgrade for this range of systems is a Chlorinator which is available as an optional extra. The Chlorinator is used to sanitise the water in the tank should it be required. It achieves, not using additional chemicals, but an electrolytic reaction with the chlorides in the brine solution.

Key Product Features

  • Contemporary design, ready to install
  • Easy to use touchscreen control system
  • Volumetric control precisely measures the volume of soft water produced to optimise salt usage
  • Minimal regenerations means less wastewater to drain during regeneration process
  • Blend valve to ensure product water meets the exact requirements for use
  • CE certified and PED compliant for reliability and peace of mind
  • System flush function to freshen water during periods of scheduled downtime