SPECTRUM Premier Pressure Vessel


The SPECTRUM pressure vessel utilizes a revolutionary integrated, top and bottom plate distribution system to give up to 30% higher resin efficiencies than standard systems allow. When the treatment of large volumes of water and other liquids is required, the SPECTRUM premier pressure vessel offers outstanding value for money, returning excellent resin savings. Enabling 100% of the resin to be used, the vessel comes complete with a new integrated distribution system to maximise the resin’s full capacity and reduce resin channeling, a 2.5″ head and internal and external O-rings. The Premier vessel comes as standard with ¾” adaptor ports.  

Key Product Features

  • Integrated distribution system allows for higher resin yields, up to 30% more, and also saves time and money during servicing eliminating the need to re-bed the distribution system
  • Integrated distribution system means greater resin efficiency by eliminating top and bottom dead zones while also removing the likelihood of channeling
  • Made from 100% non-toxic recycled polypropylene materials, the pressure vessel is guaranteed food safe
  • With a unique resin refill system, media changes for the SPECTRUM pressure vessels are quick and simple to do
  • Constructed from injection-moulded, thermally welded polypropylene, the tank's strength is superior to composite vessels offering enhanced durability

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