SPECTRUM PRF-750-RO Membrane


Designed to fit in the PRF-RO ‘on-demand’ RO system (previously known as Merlin), and producing on average 70% more water, the PRF-750-RO membrane is an upgrade alternative to the Pentair TLC-350. With a flow rate of up to 1.7lpm, the membrane meets the requirements of applications such as window wash, aquatics and boiler feed. This membrane is an upgrade alternative to the PENTAIR TLC-350 membrane which is supplied with our standard PRF-RO System. With two PRF-750-RO membranes incorporated into a PRF-750 System, the high flow membranes work in series to produce on average 70% more water than the TLC-350 membrane. The design of this system also enables the concentrate from one membrane to be channelled through the second on the system, allowing waste water to be reduced by approximately 75% compared to conventional systems.  

Key Product Features

  • Average rejection rate of 94% at 2.8 bar
  • Works with mains pressure (2.8 bar) requiring no pump when installed in the PRF-750 System
  • 70% more water output, with a rate of 1.7 lpm over the TLC-350 1 lpm
  • Typically used for boiler feed, spot free window wash finish, aquatics and plating bath top-up

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