Product Overview

The SPECTRUM SWT Simplex range of units has been designed for use in commercial and industrial applications where the water source is private and untreated, such as borehole or river supply.  The systems are supplied complete with ECOMIX A, a media that treats common contaminants found in private water supplies including tannins, organics, iron, manganese as well as the hardness forming calcium and magnesium.  The SPECTRUM 7 valve, supplied with the system, is time proven within the industry and trusted as a reliable means of control.  The system is supplied with a blending function which enables complete control over the quality of the product water.

The systems are supplied with all of the required accessories to ensure that the brine tank empties and fills as required, during and after the regeneration process.

Key Product Features

  • Ready to install with vessel, resin, brine tank and brine valve system
  • Treats common contaminants within private water supplies; including iron, manganese, organics, tannins, calcium and manganese
  • Media self-levels in to 5 layers after regeneration
  • LCD display shows time of day and volume of water before next generation
  • Volumetric control precisely measures the volume of soft water produced to optimise salt usage
  • Minimal regenerations means less wastewater to drain during regeneration process
  • PED compliant pressure vessels for reliability and peace of mind