Product Overview

These smart SPECTRUM systems have been conveniently pre-assembled for easy and quick installation. Costing less than the sum of their individual components combined, the Aqualyze systems are anything but economic and are available in 10″ and 20″ Regular and Large Diameter sizes, with the unique option to select sump colour configurations.

Coming complete with inlet and outlet gauges to monitor and maximise cartridge life, a spanner to assist with sump removal when performing maintenance and cartridge replacement and connectors to configure the ΒΌ”-1″ port sizes with the most common pipework, the extensive combinations in this range provide endless options for applications and flow rates.

Key Product Features

  • Complete packaged systems including all necessary accessories for installation and monitoring
  • Full array of housing sizes and sump configurations to suit almost all application requirements
  • Ergonomic and lightweight housings allow easy installation
  • Packaged in sturdy boxes that easily stack on a pallet
  • Available in Regular or Large Diameter
  • Screws included for wall mounting