During the filling of sterile beer kegs and bottles, the beer is typically filtered to 0.45µm either with one pleated cartridge or a two / three stage system (typically 5µm > 1µm > 0.45µm). This is for clarification and to prevent microorganisms spoiling the final packaged product.

Beer is stored in sterile tanks, which have 0.1µm or 0.2µm air vent filtration to prevent ingress of bacterial contamination.

Stages of Filtration & Water Treatment

Feed liquid

The beer still contains yeast, possible spoilage microorganisms and other particles needs to be prepared for packaging into bottles, kegs or cans.

Feed liquid - Fileder Filter Systems

Bio-burden reduction

To help clarification and to protect the final sterile filtration stage, absolute pleated cartridges are used to remove the bulk of the spoilage contaminants.

Bio-burden reduction - Fileder Filter Systems

Sterile filtration

This stage is known as sterile filtration or stabilisation as the yeast and spoilage microorganisms are removed to prevent refermentation in the packaging.

Sterile filtration - Fileder Filter Systems

Storage tank venting

Whether the beer is stored before or after the sterile filtration stage, bacteria removal vent filters are required on the storage tanks to prevent airborne bacterial contamination.

Storage tank venting - Fileder Filter Systems

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