Product Overview

Inox stainless steel cartridges from SPECTRUM are the most durable range of cartridges available. 316L stainless steel meshes are resilient in the toughest of ­fluid environments of high pressure, temperature and aggressive chemicals and when used for solid particle removal, they benefit from being reusable after a cleaning process.

Standard cartridges offer these benefits combined with over 3 times the surface area of the cylindrical cartridge by pleating and strengthening the stainless-steel mesh, meaning higher dirt holding for fewer cartridge cleans or for use with heavily loaded fluids

Key Product Features

  • Over 3 times surface area of the EYS version
  • 316L stainless steel pleated mesh
  • Excellent chemical capability
  • Uses no resin or glue-based binders
  • Operates up to 260⁰C