Product Overview

The CLEAL® CP2 cartridge from JNC has a fine fibre diameter and a uniform graded porous structure, designed to excel in highly viscous as well as challenging compatibility applications.

It has a bicomponent fibre fused matrix which ensures consistent performance throughout filter life, without particle unloading, media channelling, fibre release or media compression under differential pressure.

Fibre Expertise and Rigid Technology

CLEAL® CP2 delivers clear benefits due to the bonded nodes, fine fibre diameter and uniform or graded porosity which forms a highly porous, rigid structure, capable of removing oversized contaminants, agglomerates and deformable gels. Non-defect causing particles are still able to pass through the CP2 without stripping or premature filter blockage.

Rigid Fused Fibre Matrix

The dual extrusion process uses two polymers, which when heated, fuses the lower melting point material to create a three-dimensional bond where fibres touch.

The extra fine fibres deliver excellent flow and consistent dirt holding voids, resulting in long service life.

Cartridge Efficiency

Typically, as pores become blocked and flow finds alternative paths, pressure drop increases. This increase in ΔP can cause channelling and distortion. However, the CP2, with its nodally fused structure, resists high pressures to maintain integrity for consistent filtration preventing the release of previously trapped contaminants, push through of gels and rating creep.

Key Product Features

  • Rigid structure capable of resisting high differential pressures
  • No fibre release, gel push through or micron rating drift
  • Consistent performance throughout filter life
  • Silicone-free construction