The new SSP97 from SPECTRUM, delivers exceptional 97% efficiency with a low clear pressure drop at an affordable price. Finer fibres used in the construction create a more accurate level of filtration, whilst maintaining a high dirt holding capacity.

The SSP97 with its melt-bonded exterior minimises any fibre migration, whilst its single, one piece, graded density and thermally bonded fibre construction made from 100% polypropylene introduces no binders, lubricants, or other additives in its manufacture.

TruDepth High Efficiency spun cartridges from SPECTRUM are one of 4 cartridges available in the TruDepth range, alongside the Economic, Standard and Premier cartridges. Each a different grade to match the wide variety of liquid applications where a broad range of particles are to be removed.

Key Product Features

  • High efficiency filtration at an affordable price
  • Graded density construction, manufactured from 100% polypropylene
  • Ideal for food and beverage and chemical applications