Product Overview

Constructed of glass-reinforced nylon, high temperature filter housings are an economical alternative to stainless and carbon steel housings.

These ¾” NPT housings from Pentair, come with a silicone O-ring and are capable of withstanding temperatures up to a maximum of 74°C and handling flow rates up to 76 lpm whilst maintaining excellent chemical compatibility.

High temperature housings are an ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial applications, including those involving organic solvents (with the exception of Ketones), seawater, alcohol, petroleum and vegetable oils.

Pentair 10″ / 20″ High Temperature Housings - Fileder Filter Systems

Key Product Features

  • Manufactured from glass-reinforced nylon
  • Operating temperatures up to 74⁰C continuous use
  • Chemical resistance
  • Silicone O-ring
  • Ideal choice for hot water systems, seawater, alcohol, petroleum and vegetable oils
  • PED compliant