Product Overview

Nylon is an extremely resilient media, particularly at high temperatures and with aggressive chemicals or pharmaceutical grade DI water.

Naturally hydrophilic Nylon 66 media is used in this range of cartridges as it is the grade that offers the right balance for filtration between strength and environmental resistance levels. Constructed with pre- and post-filter layers to prevent premature blocking from non-targeted pollutants, while the polypropylene layers also add support to the cartridge structure. This strength is further enhanced from using polypropylene in the core, cage and end-caps. Steam sterilising and CIP of cartridges to 121°C is acceptable. Cartridges are supplied with Viton gaskets and Teflon is offered as an alternative.

Key Product Features

  • Hydrophilic Nylon 66 membrane with polypropylene support layers
  • Repeat steam sterilising or CIP
  • No fibre release in accordance with pharmaceutical requirements
  • Flushed with ultra-pure water
  • 100% integrity tested