Product Overview

The SPECTRUM range of ­miniature housings provide a truly economical method of surface ­filtration.

FS- Filter Housings

The SFH-1 miniature housing is the smallest available. Made from polypropylene reinforced fibreglass, the head contains an M6 centred fixing for easy installation and the sump simply threads onto the head on a nitrile O-ring. The bigger SFH-2 housing, 6″ x 3½”, comes with either ¼” or ½” ports and two M6 head fixings. Both miniature housings are available with either an opaque (blue polypropylene) or translucent (trogamid polyamide) sump.

SPECTRUM Miniature Housings - Fileder Filter Systems

Key Product Features

  • Unique colour coded nylon filter sleeves make product identification simple
  • Perfectly suited for applications with limited space
  • Multiple configurations provide tailored solutions for varying applications
  • Application - Protection of sensitive instrumentation
  • Application - Pump protection
  • Application - Spray nozzle protection
  • Application - Pneumatic and hydraulic lines