The production of a beer (Lager, Ale, Porter, Stout) benefits from filtration as the method for controlling the flavour, stability, appearance and shelf life of the packaged product.  The areas where filtration is used fall into 4 categories:

  • Incoming Water
  • Rough Filtration
  • Trap Filtration
  • Sterile Filtration

Different brews use different processes, meaning one, two or all three of these filtration stages may be required dependent upon the Brewer’s desires for the final product. Challenges to the brew may be in the form of haze from polyphenols, appropriate yeast levels, the presence of spoilage organisms, the desired colour, flavour, brightness of appearance and their customer’s requirements for shelf life. These challenges can be overcome using the solutions that Fileder recommends.


Our filters can help to solve

  • Haze from polyphenols
  • Appropriate yeast levels
  • The presence of spoilage organisms
  • The desired colour & flavour
  • The brightness of appearence
  • Your customer's requirements for shelf life


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Beverage Production

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